Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Jube School Reflection Our Lady of the Assumption School

As I sit back and reflect on my experiences and the students’ experiences, I can’t help but wonder, what’s next?  Our big idea for our proposal was, “Choose Your Path”.  As educators, we were hoping to introduce our students to new experiences, opportunities and ignite a passion to explore and inquire through various lenses.  Have we introduced them to new options?  Have we captured their interests?  Have we allowed them to express their passion?  What path will they each consider? 

JUBE SCHOOL was exactly that; an opportunity to introduce the visual arts, to learn to ask questions and inquire beyond the obvious and to investigate how others before them have travelled this “path”. At JUBE SCHOOL, students worked in multi-age groups to explore the Visual Arts by questioning, inferencing, critiquing and making connections to personal experiences.  Working with a talented artist,  like Brianna Strong, every day allowed the students to create a relationship with her as they slowly began to step away from their uncertainties and allow themselves the freedom to explore each piece of art work she presented to them.  Before they had even realized it, they were gaining knowledge and incorporating it into their collective masterpiece, our Instragrammable wall.  Our Instagrammable wall is a representation of students, parent volunteers and teachers gained knowledge of colour, lines, texture and shadows.  Each day, students were introduced to each artistic value and asked to explore it, observe it and connect with it.  This new found way of looking at art naturally flowed into their Instagrammable wall.

Our week at JUBE SCHOOL introduced the students to various career options that ranged from make-up artists, technicians, stage designers and union representatives.   Each expert that the students spoke with shared their story of how they entered into this career field, the “paths” they journeyed along.  It became evidently clear that each expert followed their passion and trusted the process as they explored various career options.  Students gained an awareness of how this truly is a process.  They were fortunate to see a multitude of experts who were proud to share their passion.

 JUBE SCHOOL, has been a rewarding experience for all students, volunteers and teachers.  A process that has taken almost a year, from proposal writing to planning and attending; has enlightened many of us through various ways.  New doors and opportunities were introduced to our students and an awakened vision of the Visual Arts has been instilled within us.  I have a new found appreciation of the process that has led the students and I to this learning experience.  Thank you for this amazing opportunity Campus Open Minds and JUBE SCHOOL.  This will forever be part of our story to share with others on our life journey.

Deena Alexander- Our Lady of the Assumption Junior High Teacher

Wednesday, 13 December 2017



“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”   -Mattie Stepanek

The spirit of giving and collaboration was very much present at our last Co-ordinators meeting on December 8 at the City Hall School Classroom. The CCOM team and our site Co-ordinators all came together as a community in the spirit of the season to create “Mugs of Joy” for The Mustard Seed. Included in the mugs were items such as  socks, soap, lip gloss, soup mix, deodorant, toothpaste and bus tickets among many other things that are in demand.  It was wonderful to see all the various items that were donated for the mugs to be handed out to clients at the Mustard Seed Shelter. Also placed in the mugs were cards created by students from City Hall School, which shared messages of love, joy and hope to spread some cheer at a time of year that can be difficult for some. Working together we were able to make 20 very well stuffed “Mugs of Joy” that hopefully will spread some happiness to others at this holiday season!

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Exploration of Storytelling and Design Through Various Art Forms - at Jube School

The grade two students at Nellie McClung School had the memorable opportunity of participating in Jube School at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. As the week progressed, our students participated in a variety of workshops that immersed them in the different art forms. After meeting a number of artists in the areas of visual, sound, physical, performing, musical, painting and structural art, students were challenged to create a full set for a theoretical production.

After exploring traditional homes in the Arctic, students created a model of an igloo using balloons, vellum paper, modge podge and plastic cups. The eagerness to have the igloos dry, built through out the days as the sounds of ice cracking filled the room from the drying Vellum paper. We spent the next few days creating the backdrop scene and sound that would finalize the set production. The following morning, students entered the room in amazement as they witnessed their final set design. The lights dimmed, throat singing playing in the distance, and the northern lights dancing in the background. The students gathered around their set design getting lost in the moment.

After having a moment to reflect, the students realized the value and impact that their work has on an audience. We walked away with an appreciation for the arts and the powerful stories that can be told through different art forms. Thank you to the entire team at the Jubilee Auditorium for creating an unforgettable experience!     

Sarah Childs - Grade 2 Teacher at Nellie McClung School